Who We Are

We are The Virtual Public Aerospace Career Concept, engineers and architects of dreamscapes, with visions and aspirations to be part of a national capture strategy.  We're building the landscapes that enable the fires of inspiration to burn brighter than ever, with an ambitious drive to bring new ideas and approaches to our priority fight - scientific literacy-  powered by a vision for the future.  

Our Vision

The what, how and why:  defining VPACC’s vision, the mechanics and how innovative entertainment systems are used as a tool for inspiration and learning.

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Our Story

From a dirt track on the tundra of North East Russia to the halls of Washington DC, to the landscapes of your own imagination, our story is global, ambitious, and sometimes just plain crazy - and this is just the first chapter of a remarkable journey to come.   

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Our Team

We are a dynamic team of people with a passion, people just like you.  We are driven in relentless pursuit of one of the nation’s priority challenges, science literacy and the vision of a future that captivates.

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Two short videos below illustrate our viewpoint:  the importance of scientific literacy, the importance of understanding the sciences as a world view, the power and potential of our instinct to push horizons and explore and how that ideology could fuel a vision of the future. 

Our Projects

VPACC's strategic goal is nothing short of a national capture strategy targeting science literacy and STEAM education:  Science Technology, Engineering, Art and Math. Inspiring someone to learn takes more than just traditional academics. It takes emotion and meaning, that’s the business we are in. If we want to truly engage today’s “on-screen” generation in STEAM subjects, we need a new level of interactivity, social movements, and meaningful programs. To innovate we are going to have to push out of our comfort zones.

pre-proof of concept 

A set of concurrent projects paving the way to our major first milestone, a POC (Proof of Concept).

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proof of concept 

The hardware components and delivering an engineering solution to the hardware concept and requirements

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vpacc eco-systems

VPACC Eco-systems, the development of networks and relationships in a nation wide STEAM education family.

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