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VPACC's team of volunteers

board members:

 Karl Bushby (UK) Founder / President Board Member

Karl Bushby (UK) Founder / President Board Member

British ex-paratrooper turned adventurer and author.  Two things keep him awake at night:  strange noises in the forest and his concerns over scientific literacy.  Not much to be done about the first, but scientific literacy has become his mission.   

 Mary Williams (USA) Vice President / Secretary Board Member

Mary Williams (USA) Vice President / Secretary Board Member

Mary has been a science geek for most of her life, and is currently a STEM Educator at a children’s science center as well as a science enrichment specialist at a preschool.  She also has ten years' experience in sales and customer service in the chemical industry.  Mary holds a Bachelor of Science degree and enjoys inspiring others to learn more about the world and the universe.

 Brooke Buckley (USA) Board Member / Education

Brooke Buckley (USA) Board Member / Education

Brooke Buckley is a 4th grade teacher leader from Fayetteville, Arkansas who is passionate about maximizing student engagement by bringing learning to life. She is constantly on the hunt for innovative ways to get students on the path to lifelong learning. With a background in business and and a zeal for education, she brings a unique perspective to the VPAC team.

 Kisha Ferguson (Canada) Board Member / Media

Kisha Ferguson (Canada) Board Member / Media

Kisha Ferguson is an award-winning journalist, who has more than twenty years of experience producing news and current affairs programs for both television and radio. In addition to being an adjunct journalism professor, she has also written and edited several books of non-fiction, launched a multi award-winning adventure travel magazine, and been hired as a consultant and advisor on various new media projects.

vpacc europe

Engineering, Design And Innovation

 Markus Lankes (Germany) Engineer

Markus Lankes (Germany) Engineer

Markus heads an award winning design and engineering team and has more than 23 years of experience for national and international projects, both in the entertainment and the aerospace simulation industry.

Vpacc asia



VPACC representative in Mongolia


Enkhgerel is the CEO of Unimat Education, a STEM focused company working with over 300 Schools in Mongolia, equipping and running machinery workshops similar to maker space workshops in the US.  These workshops allow students to build and be creative learning design and engineering principles.  


VPACC will run its first experimental workshop at the Unimat office in Ulaanbaatar Mongolia before being deployed to a local school.  

 Rika Itabashi

Rika Itabashi

VPACC representative in Japan


Rika is developing and directing opportunities to establish VPACC in Japan.  Rika has ten years of experience in leading critical projects of global strategic sourcing and procurement for both high-tech electronic- and mechanical parts as a project manager for a major global corporation.  Rika is currently promoting reforms for English teaching methods for primary and secondary schools in Japan with the education board of prefectures.  

She has been engaged in business development and marketing building a new ecosystem for electronic money systems in a number of European countries. She is very fond of traveling and an avid motorcycle rider.

lead 3D artist 

Boris Stajić


Boris has taken the lead developing VPACC’s Seraphim model and done an outstanding job. He has been working in video games industry for the last 7 years as a 3D artist and animator. For the last 3 years, Boris also work as teaching assistant at Faculty of Technical Sciences in University of Novi Sad.  His work varied from making games for PC, IOS and mobile to making game cinematic and animations, animated short movies, commercials, education, team and project leading. 


Communications Team

Tony Tran (USA)  Software Developer

Victoria Hill  (USA) Creative writer

3D Art and Design Team

Scott Herring (USA)  3D Artist

Jose Duque (Colombia) Software Specialist

Jay Gaskell (USA) 3D Artist

Michael Banks (USA) 3D Artist


Spruce Cox (USA) Aerospace Engineer

Samer Najia (USA) Engineer / Pilot

Anthony Ehiri (USA) Engineer