Our Vision

Building a capture strategy for us all


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EXPANSIVE NATIONAL ECO-SYSTEMS in support of education

SUSTAINABLE BUSINESS STRATEGY and public accessability 


“If you want your students to build better ships, don’t teach them carpentry, make them long for the open ocean.”

What we do

 Education is a human emotional connection to a future worth learning for and that can be believed in.

Education is a human emotional connection to a future worth learning for and that can be believed in.

The above quote and Arthur C.Clark's “when children are interested education happens” form the back bone of VPACC’s approach to inspiring a generation to not only learn about the possibility of our future but to understand the future, actively be part of the process, to dream and believe in that future.   To shape purpose and give meaning to that future in ways education finds difficult.  A visceral hands on experience will serve educators well and change forever the minds of those engaged in that experience.  

The Virtual Public Aerospace Career Concept, VPACC, is a nonprofit focused on innovating existing new methods of engaging the public and young generations in science literacy and STEM education.  

VPACC is utilizing entertainment through the lens of aerospace and human space exploration to engage the public and nurture interest with long term programs, dovetail with formal and informal education.  VPACC understands, and is implementing, the principles of learning and stimulating interest through doing, physical experience and deep immersion.  

VPACC’s Mission statement:   We are pioneering an entertainment-centric, long-term strategy to engage the public in scientific literacy and STEAM education.

VPACC is targeting key challenging issues identified by professionals in education, industry and government:

1. Developing innovative emotional pathways into the STEAM (Science Technology Engineering Arts and Math) subject matter.

2.   Developing architecture for Long term engagement to negate single event exposure.

3. Providing accessibility to such programs for the widest possible audience, via location, time and cost, and doing this in a sustainable way.

VPACC is engineering an innovative and exciting new entertainment approach capable of targeting the three challenges identified above.  VPACC’s long term goal is to engineer sets of midrange high fidelity motion and static flight simulators to operate in unison, allowing us to create unique mission architecture that can be shaped into a set of long term informal entertainment and educational programs.  These tools form the centerpiece of an integrated strategy utilizing modern networks, technologies and organizations as a growing ecosystem overlapping the public’s personal, social and educational spheres.  As an informal learning strategy we place a high priority on emotional involvement and inspiration as the first critical line in an effective capture strategy.  


“...children learn by doing and by thinking about what they do. And so the fundamental ingredients of educational innovation must be better things to do and better ways to think about oneself doing these things.”

                                                Teaching Children Thinking; Seymour Papert, Professor Emeritus, MIT

A new path

Our approach is to create the opportunity for anyone to embark on an experiential and immersive personal story into a world of science and exploration. Embark on interplanetary journeys arriving repeatedly at the conclusion: 

                                    “I’m going to have to science the s!#@t out of this” 

                                                                                                   Mark Watley, The Martian

VPACC, with its partners, is exploring and building immersive tactile environments and simulated worlds able to be deployed in population centers virtually anywhere.

Cockpit building with Unimat Education Ulaanbaatar

Test cockpit simulator first test runs Ulaanbaatar Mongolia  

It is the necessary long term engagement that will help us overcome single event exposure, to drive the interests and passion of a hungry thrill seeking and digitally skilled generation into the unblinking gaze of progress and the unwavering belief in a future worthy and relevant, at home and beyond low Earth orbit. 

Specific simulated vehicles have been developed to support the extensive aerospace narratives.  The simulated vehicles are designed to maximize the mission scope and flexibility in a near future setting designed to keep the focus on near term aerospace concepts just over the horizon in order to keep the science relevant.    

VPACC's Seraphim model being tested in FSX

Detailed models developed spesificly for VPACC's programs

Advances in aerospace simulation allows the participants to take the aerospace narrative from the runway to low Earth orbit and beyond.  Advanced SSTO ‘Single Stage To Orbit’ technology already on the drawing board today, provides exciting aerospace opportunities to engage the public.  Simulation of ‘on orbit operations’ gives us the option to build and engineer in orbit and venture beyond low Earth orbit exploring the inner and outer solar system.  

 Its the 21st century and fight sims are adapting,  TerraBuilder's FSX SpacePort mod  

Its the 21st century and fight sims are adapting, TerraBuilder's FSX SpacePort mod 

Beyond low Earth orbit LEO VPACC aims to develop an app specifically used for VPACC’s narrative development.  Once participants leave LEO bound for distant targets like the Moon or Mars, the progress is tracked using the apps over a series of days or hours. The team punches in the numbers, extrapolated from their own calculations and the app simulates and tracks the journey until the team needs to edit that trajectory or until a given arrival distance.   

A wholistic approach includes many aspects of our lives outside the direct simulation

 Incorperating multi media and networks 

Incorperating multi media and networks 

At which point the teams can reenter the flight simulation but this time a remodeled version of the simulation models, Earth becomes Mars.  Its physics atmosphere and gravity can be modeled providing us with a relatively accurate simulation of the planet or moon.   

Upon our horizon loom the next chapters in our history:  the advent of space tourism, the commercialization of space, and humanity's push beyond low Earth orbit, to name a few.  Should we fail to have a mature capable capture strategy in place, waiting to accept the firestorm of enthusiasm that will follow, then we deserve the harshest judgment history will arrange.  

Why Is VPACC Necessary?

“It is suicide to produce a society that depends on science and technology and that does not understand science and technology”
– Carl Sagan

Inspiring someone to learn takes more than traditional academics. It takes emotion and meaning, that’s the business we are in. If we want to truly engage today’s “on-screen” generation in STEAM subjects, we need a new level of interactivity, social movements, and meaningful programs.  To innovate we are going to have to push out of our comfort zones. 

Scientific literacy is critical for a viable future and its workforce, and is also a key cog in our economic engine. But classroom-bound educators face huge challenges in teaching the STEAM subjects, and they simply cannot be the only source of motivation in the sciences. Solutions outside the school gate can lay the groundwork for inspiring a new generation, and the public in general.