Pathways to a proof of concept

Such an ambitous undertaking requires a stepped approach with each step tested and evaluated.  This is a creative process, we are exploring new landscapes, pushing boundaries with new ideas.  As such one of the first major milestones of this project is a proof of concept or demonstration model.   

A proof of concept would be comprised of all those necessary components hardware, software and systems to fully understand and appreciate what is required to implement a viable commercial product.  Once we have a fully engineered working model we can enter the test phase:  demonstrations of the system in operation with human subjects.  This process will allow us to gather the required data to move to the next level. 

There are a number of sub-projects that collectively lead us toward a proof of concept, currently these are:

cockpit evolution

First stage development of a classroom test and evaluation cockpit. 

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vpacc hangar

The hangar page is where you can track progress as our 3D Design Team develops the virtual vehicles.  

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The Next Explorer

A look at the simulated flight suits as our first layer of immersion.  

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International Projects  

The page focuses on our projects around the word  Learn more