Virtual Public Aerospace Career Concept

The Virtual Public Aerospace Career Concept VPACC is a nonprofit focused on exciting new methods of engaging the public and young generations in science literacy and STEM education.

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We are concerned citizens like you, motivated by the call to action with the unifying purpose of making a better world.  Driven by, a passion to act, with the mission to inspire passion. VPACC understands, and is implementing, the principles of learning and stimulating interest through doing, physical experience and deep immersion. We are adventurers, teachers and parents with a passion for learning. We are in the business of building dreamscapes, enabling and nurturing visions of an exciting future worth learning for.  We understand the need to nurture the kind of passion that creates life long learners.  We are working toward a motivated, passionate and scientifically literate society and by doing so understand there is a greater probability we will achieve our collective STEM education goals. True solutions must have deep roots.  

In partnership with Unimat Education Ulaanbaatar Mongolia.

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The Virtual Public Aerospace Career Concept (VPACC) is a 501(c)(3) with the explicit mission to pioneer an entertainment-centric, long-term, strategy to engage the public in scientific literacy and STEM education. Emotional engagement is our priority in shaping societies deepening connections with the subject matter. We aim to innovate solutions for a unique informal learning strategy capable of being implemented as a national capture strategy.  VPACC is targeting key challenges: 

  • Utilize an informal learning environment to stimulate interest in STEM subjects. 

  • Design the system to develop long-term engagement with the audience. 

  • Improve accessibility of these learning opportunities by deploying programs in population centers and inner cities to reach a broad, cross-cultural audience.

  • Inspire students to consider and choose STEM careers and increase future STEM workforce.

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VPACC is a more nuanced approach to how we naturally learn.  Learning is not just an academic endeavor, it is a biological/biochemical event of great complexity.  Our approach will give people the opportunity to learn and experience like they have not before. 

VPACC takes a unique multi layered immersive simulated approach that is not VR centric.  There is a reason we still visit the theater or scare ourselves senseless on the theme parks rollercoaster.  We are physical social beings, there is a limit to a purely virtual experience as compared to real immersive and social experiences.  You simply cannot replace real motion, real environments and the company of real friends.

VPACC is experimental, we do what we preach.  There is an enormous amount of information on how humans learn, how we might better create and develop interest, inspire, nurture passion and fuel a society with a generation of citizens who understand their innate desire to learn and how that is relevant to their future and the world around them.

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What We Do

First VPACC acknowledges effective informal STEAM learning strategies and ecosystems require multiple diverse programs and approaches. Programs that can address all students’ interest and needs as they change, evolve, and fluctuate over time. There is no one single magic bullet.  As such VPACC understands that it must play its role in a comprehensive STEAM ecosystem.  

The cornerstone of VPACC’s concept is an extraordinary entertainment-centric narrative based experience. Driven by a set of specifically engineered tools. These tools, the simulated immersive, tactile and kinetic environments,  form the centerpiece of an integrated strategy.  Incorporating modern entertainment technologies, pedagogical philosophies and like minded organizations.   A growing ecosystem designed to overlap with the public’s personal, social and educational spheres of influence.  VPACC is pursuing a stepped approach from humble static simulation with the strategic goal of developing full motion simulators in order to create the best possible immersive experiences, and therefor, results. 

As an informal learning strategy we place a high priority on emotional engagement as the first critical line in an effective capture strategy. Long term these tools and programs need to be understood as a comprehensive business strategy, and product, capable of being scaled, deployed in population centers, nationally and internationally, to maximize accessibility for students and public alike.  

Designed as both a capture strategy and a STEAM education resource, VPACC requirers, and facilitates, a broad community ecosystem. It is not a stand-alone program, gone are the days organization work alone, the United States STEAM community is a team effort.  Our mission is to provide the public, and especially its youth, with a set of exciting narrative driven challenges within a virtual setting, in the most creative and immersive environment. Facing and overcoming those challenges, through play and exploration over time, allowing for, and encouraging, self-learning and self-organization as teams, or communities of teams, in the real world. We are also creating a resource educators can utilize to inspire their own students around which custom made programs can be built.     

VPACC is born from, and driven by, a passion to act, with the mission to inspire passion within the greatest audience.  We are in the business of building dreamscapes, enabling and nurturing visions of an exciting future worth learning for.  We understand the need to nurture the kind of passion that creates life long learners.  We are working toward a motivated, passionate and scientifically literate society and by doing so understand there is a greater probability we will achieve our collective STEM education goals.  

Right Tools For The Job

When it comes to shaping environments one of the principle approaches taken by VPACC is the idea of layers of immersion.  One of the first immersive layers is the simulated flight suit. Simulated flight suits can play an important role, the flight suits have a great deal of psychological value for younger children, as well as functional attributes.  Beyond just inert costumes we are looking at integrating these suits with the cockpits including cooling suits and built in communications, all adding to and deepening the experience and educational value. These flight suits would offer us the first layer in our multi layered approach. The simulators and internal cockpit environment give us our second layer of immersion and will require a good level of fidelity to look, feel and sound real from the perspective of the crew.   These static systems provide tactile feedback including sound and vibration to complete immersive effects. 

Our third layer is the virtual universe, the simulated world critical to enabling long term narratives.  The software and virtual universe provide us with the visual stimulation and scenario depth, a stage on which our actors can evolve and act out their own purpose driven narrative.  Using Microsoft Flight Simulator X (FSX) and a new 3rd party modifications to the simulators engine that expands the sim from the world renowned flight simulator into, and beyond, low Earth orbit.  Expanding upon this platform allows for the full-spectrum aerospace experience.

Focusing On Near Horizon Technology

In-house design and development of unique simulation and models adds a new dimension to the narratives.  VPACC explores near future concepts with real world science to keep the learning based in reality with an eye our technological future.  

On the horizon technologies and believable near future fictional vehicles fuel a new generations imagination, passion and expectations.  Learning is meaningful when relevant and there is an exciting future worth learning for and you feel you are a part of it.  On the horizon technologies are used to keep the science both relative and inspiring. Drawing attention to real world future applications being researched today.  These  include advanced aerospace concepts and technologies for example; air-breathing hybrid rocket engines, solid phase Hydrogen storage and advanced material sciences to name a few. This also requires the development of unique software integrated with the models and cockpit simulation. 

This combination of elements allows for unique and exciting possibilities to energize and inspire the next generation.  However that is just part of the challenge, we then need to maintain and then nurture that situational interest into passion, meaning and even purpose.  This first requires the need for some new effective tools.    

VPACC wants to build a program near you. Provide you with the opportunity to give your public the chance to engage and participate in a vision of the future we all want. 

See ‘Our Aerospace Future’ for details on how VPACC whats to take you to space to fly orbit and explore.