the next explorer 

This project focuses on designing and producing a prototype flight suit, one of the first layers of immersion in our three layer concept. 

‘Have suit will explore’
Usable suits have a great deal of psychological value especially with younger generations. There are reasons we have school uniforms, why scout groups and girl guides use uniforms, why our military and law enforcement wear uniforms, why corporations and institutions do the same.  

NASA ACES suit side by side with US military high altitude suit.  

NASA ACES suit side by side with US military high altitude suit.  

The uniform can give us something to live up to, a role to fill. Uniforms have seeped deep within our personal and collective psyche in one way or another, some good some bad. They say who we are, what we represent, the ideology we carry; they define much about us.  

Suits could be deployed as a great inspirational tool in any environment. The simple presence in a child's bedroom or school classroom could work on the subconscious level promoting VPACC’s mission. High altitude/space suits make great symbols for a species on the move, a species with an exciting future, and as such stir the imagination. This project’s progress will be added to the website so its progress can be tracked.

These will be flight suits, not space suits - there is a difference.  Flight suits or high altitude flight suits are survival tools for low pressure environments.  Aircraft that venture into the upper atmosphere means the crew need to wear flight  suits.  


VPACC looks at using a darker color or black modern looking flight suit design.  We continue to focus on using readily accessible items to shape a mockup design as a starting point. 

Helmet could be a soft seal with suit rather than hard neck rings

Helmet could be a soft seal with suit rather than hard neck rings

VPACC is looking at a number of possible suit designs to create a practical comfortable suit with a 21st century look and feel that we can integrate into the Seraphim cockpit as our first immersive layer.  Bonehead Composites, specializing in extreme sports and aerospace technologies, has loaned VPACC a AERO Full Face Helmet.  We are looking at the possibility of adopting this helmet for our Flight suit.  The final product would be customized for use with the Seraphim cockpits fitted with communications, venting and possible on visor projection system.  

The base suits could be highly customized dry suits or dry suit liners, as seen in these sample images, among other possibilities. 

web helmet copy.png

The Aero Bonehead Skydiving helmet lends itself very well  to VPACC's needs.  Visit Boneheads Composites website here