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VPACC is a certified 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. As such any donations are tax deductible.

VPACC’s mission is to engage the public in science literacy and STEM education in a way that has not been seen before.  We are not just interested in starting a business, we want to build an industry.  We are not just interested in finding passion, we want to create a culture. 

What will your donation support


Innovative engineering and systems building to achieve strong emotional engagement.


Development into deep long term engaging programs around which we can build cross organization eco-systems.


Sustainable operations and options to bring these programs and tools to scale.


In the Service of national goals

Because we share the same boat with you. You are not supporting us, you are supporting your nation’s strategic goals, from future workforce to national security, including opportunities for your children’s future.  We are just helping you focus your passion to a point that will pack the required punch.    

In the search of personal dreams

By supporting this company you are part of a fascinating collective effort to engage in one of the most challenging problems facing, not just your nation, but humanity as a whole.  Your support translates directly into one of the most exciting cutting edge efforts to overturn how we inspire and capture the imagination and passion of generations to come, helping to shape learning in the 21st century.