Wind Driven

Can science education be driven by stories of human exploration and adventure,

fueled by a purpose, captured in a vision of a future worth learning for?

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Our Purpose

 We are pioneering an entertainment-centric, long-term strategy to engage the public in scientific literacy and STEAM education.

The Virtual Public Aerospace Career Concept (VPACC) a 501(c)(3) with the explicit mission to innovate solutions for a unique informal learning strategy capable of being implemented as a national capture strategy, targeting scientific literacy and STEAM education.

Working from first principles with todays entertainment technology for tomorrows inspirational learning strategy. We are not interested in you learning something as much as we are helping you fall in love with the subject. Not interested in building a business as much as an industry inspiring people to learn. Humans are a product of their environment, be the architects of those dreamscapes.


Emotional Engagement

“Learning is experience, everything else is just information” - Albert Einstein.

Education in the 21st century will be defined by a love affair with emotional engagement.

 Our Future Is Aerospace

Space exploration provides a talilor-made inspirational window into the STEM subjects for children and adult alike. No other subject has the potential to infuse inspiration and enthrall the young like space exploration. As a new era of space exploration dawns now is the time to act and seize the moment.



The Great Explorers

Our deep and ancient history of fire side stories of great adventure, combined with a profound love affair and dreams of exploration, sets the stage for powerful narratives that drive meaning. We need to tap that potential incorporating it into every facet of what we do.


Meaning And Purpose

Why It’s Important  

As humans it is one of the most powerful driving forces in society. Understanding and utilizing this most basic human desire is our holy grail, critical for the future of learning.

STEM Ecosystems 

VPACC is designed as both a capture strategy and a STEAM education resource, requiring and facilitating broad community ecosystems. VPACC understands that quality science learning is best supported through a robust cohesive community-wide ecosystem.


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